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The concept of WorkWall was born during the Covid-19 pandemic. As we all know so well, we were met with a period of tremendous uncertainty, and were forced to undergo radical adjustment. The status quo of life took a dramatic and abrupt turn. Despite the bleak outlook and pervasive uncertainly, there did lay but a figment of silver lining, so thin it went largely unnoticed.

An interesting thing was happening. Amidst upheaval, people were embracing the break from our pre-covid lives, the slowed cadence of activities, if not their absence altogether, the dulling of life’s omnipresent buzz of background noise. Suddenly we had more time. More exploration, and hence more discovery (of all forms), self-reflection, and the redirection of attention to things and people we otherwise wouldn’t have given the time of day to.

In these moments, we were all reminded to live more fully. That the world still had much to offer, and to experience what was on offer as much as possible.

These experiences were many and diverse – some (re)discovered the arts. For others maybe covid-19 wasn’t as giving, as much of an opportunity for reflection. The lucky were thrust into remote working and forced to adapt to a radically different way to interact and distantly collaborate.


For many, a hallmark of the pandemic, and likely to remain unabated, are redundant and plainly melodic work video calls. The way we interact, relate, empathize, and exchange emotion and thought has changed. Formal, informal, verbal, and nonverbal communication are different; they are less personal, less tailored, less flavored, carry less panache.

WorkWall aims to be the spark, that lights the flame, to fix all of that.

We work with rising artists and pair them with the unacquainted rising art lover. We enable those artists to continue to explore and discover, and to share their discovery and craft with an audience who might otherwise never experience what they have to offer.


We sell framed artwork, and the idea to hang them behind you during a video call. Select artwork that speaks to you or to what you want to project and sit back as it amplifies your personality, enables your expression, and emboldens your projection. By showcasing artwork and promoting the rising artist we are reminded of our own rise. Rise to (re)discover art. Or rise to (re)discover something else that we love and want to share with the world.

WorkWall is for those who want to break up the boring and inject energy into the mundane. Those already on the journey to discovery and those looking to begin it.

WorkWall uses industry leading printing technology, paired with some of the finest archival paper to deliver high quality prints. All artwork is licensed on a limited reprint basis to reinforce inimitability. Artworks are sold framed so that they can be hung to the wall, straight out of the box. Frames are handmade, in-house, giving us control of the materials used and where they are sourced from. We only use locally grown species of wood in our workshop and premium water based paint. WorkWall frames are designed to be minimalistic and allow the artwork to stand for itself. The spline joinery is simple and elegant, strong and yet breathes (indoors) with the seasons. Artworks are framed with archival white matting and mat board. All works are sold as shown in their photos.

We believe in simplifying the purchasing process by limiting purchasing options to size only. The gallery is composed of artworks collected for the specific purpose of showing well on a video call.

Here’s to changing things up a bit, to discovery and rediscovering.

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