Keukenhof VI

by Steve Fretwell
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Keukenhof Gardens outside of Amsterdam is one of the world’s largest flower bulb producing locations in the Read More

Keukenhof Gardens outside of Amsterdam is one of the world’s largest flower bulb producing locations in the world.

After the Allied Landings in Normandy in June 1944, the western Allies rapidly advanced in the direction of the Dutch border. Tuesday the 5th of September is known as ""Mad Tuesday"" — the Dutch began celebrating, believing they were close to liberation.

Later in September, the Allies launched Operation Market Garden in an attempt to advance from the Dutch-Belgian border across the rivers Meuse, Waal and Rhine into the north of the Netherlands and Germany. However, the Allied forces did not reach this objective because they could not capture the Rhine bridge at the Battle of Arnhem.

Allied Aircraft including a large contingent of Canadian flyers provided much needed food drops behind German lines to assist the people of the Netherlands.

The Government of the Netherlands sent over 100,000 tulip bulbs to Canada in 1945 as a symbol of their appreciation for the role that Canadians played in their liberation and still sends over 10,000 bulbs to Canada each year.

When Keukenhof Gardens opened in 1947 the view from above of it’s bold beauty, bright colours, and distinct lines stood in stark contrast to the harsh reality of a bombed out Europe.

This painting is the view of Keukenhof from 7,500 feet by the RCAF Squadron 14 in May of 1949.

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COVID gave me the chance to try something new. Technology gave me the means to share my work with the world. My work begins with an intention and quickly becomes an interplay between my intent and the paintings' reaction. I get to be both director and spectator as the collaboration between acting and listening to the voice of the painting gets mirrored onto the canvas; it's an infinite loop of unencumbered creativity.

Sold Framed. Printed on acid and OBA free fine art paper. Frame made from Poplar boards, milled to 0.75 inches tall and 0.75 inches wide at its face. Jointed using WorkWall’s signature spline construction. Finished with white water-based paint. Framed with Crescent® acid free matt board and foam core, mounted behind UV protectant framing grade ACYLITE®. Mounting hardware installed.

Additional specs by product size:

13.75x15.75 inches. Frame: outside dimensions 15.15x17.15 inches, color: white. Matting: thickness: 1.625 inches, color: white. Print: paper dimensions: 12.00x14.00 inches, ink area: 10.00x12.00 inches.

20.00x23.00 inches. Frame: outside dimensions 21.40x24.40 inches, color: white. Matting: thickness: 2.25 inches, color: white. Print: paper dimensions: 17.00x20.00 inches, ink area: 15.00x18.00 inches.

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